Why does your business need a blog infographic edition

Who Needs a Blog? Every Business Does! [Infographic]

We created this infographic to put the stats from our recent post in an easy to digest format. Many companies are constantly trying to improve their websites ranking without focusing on one important aspect: a blog! In order to improve your ranking in SERPs, you must create and maintain a blog.

  1. Blogging will improve your SEO as long as you post keyword specific, original, and valuable content
  2. Visitors are more likely to keep browsing your site 
  3. Reading and answering comments will allow you to build a community around your brand

These factors will enable you to grow your business naturally without any shady methods. Take a look at some of the statistics in the infographic below. If you want even more information make sure to check out our post 10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog

infographic about why every business needs a blog

Statistics used can be found here

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